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Three McDonough siblings pictured with their spouses?

Dianne Dowd sent along another photo from her collection today. The photo appears to be from the 1890's and pictured may be Bartholomew McDonough, Michael Brennan, and Martin McDonough. Seated in front of the three men are likely their wives - Margaret Fay, Bridget McDonough, and Maria Simmonds.

While the photo is not marked, Dianne made the identification after looking at other known photos. I have posted one of Dianne & Tom Dowd's photos of Bartholomew and the shorter man in this photo does resemble him.

Thank you again Dianne & Tom for sharing another great old photo!

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    My brother (Bartholomew McDonough) rang me before to look at this photo, without saying who it was he asked me who the smaller gentleman looked like, I said our late brother Micheal McDonough. It is so uncanny the resemblance. Our dad Bert (another Bartholomew McDonough) died two years ago, but Michael was the image of our dad when he was young. We would both like to send you some pictures. Also looking at the picture of Thomas McDonough we were amazed at the likeness to our dad's brother, Arthur McDonough, very wierd. You can email me on  

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