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Srgt. Maurice Sullivan in the movies

I have mentioned before that some old family photos of my great grandfather, Srgt. Maurice Sullivan, in his police uniform made it into the background set of the film Edge of Darkness.

The movie became available this week on DVD and I have finally found some time to try to do some screen captures to show the location of the old family photos. They are all displayed on the set in the hallway of a police station. The scene takes place about 15 minutes into the film. As the actors walk down the hallway you can see the black framed photos. Here is a better view of them from the prop sale.

Unfortunately, most of the time the bodies of the actors block the photos on the wall. If you click on these screen captures you can make out the frames lined up along the wood paneled wall.

I had a hard time capturing the frames, but in this last photo you can just make out that the actor (the one who is not Mel Gibson) has the "shaking hands" photo behind him.

So there you have it - if you blink you might miss it, but Srgt. Maurice Sullivan did make it into a Hollywood movie 60 some-odd years after his death...

Edge of Darkness


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